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Global Risk Evaluations (known in the insurance market as GREvL) provide a range of specialist risk management consultancy services including the Global Risk Art Survey Program (GRASP). These are in essence  sophisticated risk assessment and management tools that allows fine arts services clients the ability to track risk assessment survey programs, manage mitigating actions, and run risk management reports. GRASP was established following the fire of a major fine art storage facility in London in 2004. It has become a primary risk management tool for art storage facilities and art insurance underwriters worldwide.


The program covers the following areas: 

- Facility Administration 

- Key and Combination Controls 

- Building Design and Construction 

- Building Inspection and Maintenance 

- Electronic Security 

- Fire Suppression and Equipment 

- Environmental Alarm Systems and Monitoring 

- Inventory Control 

- Human Resources and Training 


Facilities, like Art Vault, that successfully complete the survey process and pass the onsite inspection can become GRASP certified. Certified facilities are more desirable to insurers who ultimately underwrite the short-term coverage policies for clients requiring insurance on stored or traveling artworks.


More importantly, Art Vault's recent GRASP certification is an objective way to assure our customers of our ability to provide the highest quality of service as well as the highest level of safety and protection worthy of their priceless works of art and treasures.

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